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30% off dirt cheap Airport Express, Airport Extreme and Time Capsule

Currently the Apple Refurb Store is selling a large number of Apple wireless devices at very big discounts. So if you want to be able to stream music to your hi-fi through an Airport Express, or wirelessly backup multiple Macs via Time Machine to a Time Capsule, it’s a good time to get one at a huge discount.

  1. Airport Express – £55 inc VAT and delivery. Save 32%
  2. Airport Extreme with Gigabit ethernet – £79 inc VAT and delivery. Save 35%
  3. Time Capsule 1GB first generation – £159 inc VAT and delivery. Save 50%
  4. Refurbished Time Capsule – 1TB current generation – £169 inc VAT and delivery. Save 27%

I’ve always felt that Apple charge too high a premium for their wireless devices, unless you need one of their very specific features. The Airport Express features a USB printer server and crucially an audio out port to let you stream music from your computer to your hi-fi. The Airport Extreme I always felt was the weakest part of the lineup, as it’s little more than a bog standard wireless router, but it does have the USB print and disk sharing capabilities (which can be very handy when combined with “Back to My Mac” feature of .Mac to let you access your files remotely). The Time Capsule if just cool and very handy if you run multi Macs in your home or office. But remember, it should just be used as a backup device, as I’m not comfortable with people using it as a Fire Share as well. They tend to forget that the Time Capsule isn’t itself backed up anywhere.

Need advice on extending wireless network, backup strategies for OS X, or remote access to your files? Why not get in touch?

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