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Former Farpoint Bath customer? Need help?

We’ve just seen confirmation that Farpoint Developments in Bath are closing at the end of April 2019. If you’re a former Farpoint customer and need someone to provide on-site Mac support, remote Mac support or Apple telephone support or Apple hardware repairs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

How does Sweet-Apple know we won’t suffer the same fate as Farpoint?

Sweet-Apple* has been providing Mac support for nearly 20 years now ( we started way back on 1st Jan 2000 ) and we’ll be continuing to help old customers and new for years in the future. How can we be sure?

In all candour, Apple Support has been the smaller part of the business for a long time now, but it’s still extremely satisfying solving people’s computer problems and then getting paid to do so. But we don’t rely on your computer woes paying the bills, so we don’t need to sell you new kit you don’t really need to hit sales targets. You’ll get unbiased, bullsh*t free and sensibly priced assistance.

Despite having the Applestore, Farpoint and Western Computer as the ‘competition’, we’ve got customers who come back time after time. Sometimes we might not hear from them for years, but then they pop back up**. It’s still a matter of some amazement, but I guess it shows we’re doing something right.

Why are Apple Resellers closing?

It’s sad to see any business go under, but in all honesty we’ve wondered for some years how Farpoint and other Resellers would be able to make ends meet when they are competing against an AppleStore in such close proximity. Apple can and does some things at below economic cost because they make a thumping profit per sale and hence the AppleStore can be a loss-leader for some services.

However, the profit a computer reseller makes selling Apple hardware is negligible, so the only place to make money is providing technical support. That’s also problematic to your business model because on the whole, Macs don’t go wrong very much and when they do, if it’s hardware related it’s often within the AppleCare Warranty period. Regardless of whether the repair is in or out of warranty, the cost and availability of new Apple service parts is shockingly high. It might feel like a punch in the guts when you get a hardware repair quote from an Authorised Service Centre, but I promise you they won’t be making much if any profit due to the cost of parts. And when you take into account the non-trivial risk taken on whilst disassembling more modern Macs, there’s very little meat on those bones.

So unless you are based in a metropolitan area that’s not competing with an AppleStore, generally your only form of income is going to be on-site technical support and training. Unless you charge customers silly money, you need a heck of a lot of people with problematic Macs to pay staff, rents, taxes and the like.

All the above is why 10+ years ago we pivoted the business away from focusing on computer support and into web development… It enabled us to be more confident we could keep the lights on, whilst still be able to do the really rewarding job of sorting your technical gremlins out.

Looking for Mac support now Farpoint has closed?

Give us a call on 1380 830224. We’ll give you a candid assessment of whether it’s  something we can help with, and suggest alternatives if it’s not.

* Clive Sweeting – excuse the use of the “royal we”, it’s a writing style thing started years ago and I’ve just never changed it…

** Hi David D. Lovely to see my very first paying customer again after all those years 🙂

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