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MacBook Air hard drive too small? Fit a bigger one!

One of the biggest problems with MacBook Air is the small hard drive they ship with. Solid State Hard drives are fantastic, but you’ll be surprised how quickly you manage to fill up even a 250GB SSD if you’ve got a lot of photos, videos or music.

Unfortunately the Airs don’t have a standard 2.5″ hard drive, so finding a suitable SSD at sensible cost can be an expensive problem to solve. Other World Computing are one of the few companies that sell them and they’re US based. It’s fine, they ship internationally, but it looks like our friends in the UK at The Bookyard also sell them, and they’re often less expensive than shipping from the US once VAT and duties are factored in.

One of my customers needed a 480GB SSD for her 2011 MacBook Air, fortunately they stock them. Problem solved. If you also want one, click below…

OWC MacBook Air Aura Pro 6G SSD + Envoy Upgrade Kit-480GB for MacBook 2010/11

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