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On-site Apple Support for iMac in Trowbridge, Wiltshire

Yesterday I was with a client in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, who had a problem with their rather elderly Mac. It’s not that often I get to work on a G4 iMac these days, so it was a nice change. Their Mac was intermittently crashing with the dreaded ‘Spinning beachball of ┬ádeath’ and they’d spoken to a computer support company who had suggested performing an Archive and Install of the OS. They didn’t have the confidence to do this themselves, and got in touch with me.

It was fortunate that they did, because within a few minutes of visiting the customer to give them some on-site technical support, it became pretty obvious that software wasn’t the problem – the hard disk was in the process of dying. You can often find this out by looking in Disk Utility at the SMART status, or alternatively just by listening to the computer – frequently failing hard drives will make strange chirping noises, or repetitive noises whilst the computer locks up.

Quickly I backed up the important information on the hard drive, whipped over to Comet in Trowbridge and grabbed a replacement hard disk. A short while later I had fitted the hard drive, reinstalled the Mac Operating System and restored as much of the data as the initial data recovery was able to achieve.

Need on-site support for your Mac, iPhone or iPad? Don’t know were to turn to for help? Give us a call on 01380 830224. We’re waiting to help you out.

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