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Mac Telephone Support

It’s sometimes difficult being a Mac user. There are fewer of us for a start, so you may not have a “Mac Guru” to turn to in the event of a problem. That “Mac Guru” might also not be knowledgeable about your particular problem, as he isn’t using the same hardware or software as you. So sometimes don’t you wish you could pick up the phone and get concise speedy assistance?

If you just want the reassurance of having someone to turn to in the event of problem, I can provide telephone and email support via prior arrangement. No premium rate numbers, just a normal phone call to Bath (01380 830224). You can buy a “block” of hours at £35/hr for phone support, and I time and log call lengths, or just have a one off support incident.

Of course I can’t know every answer straight way, so if I can’t resolve it immediately, I’ll get the details of the problem, go away to attempt to replicate the problem, then phone or email the customer when I think I have identified the solution.

No restrictions

Unlike many other telephone support contracts, I don’t restrict the applications or systems I support, or charge more just because you use a certain program. Any program, any operating system.

So if you need a friendly voice to talk you through those panic moments when something goes horribly wrong, installation difficulties, troubleshooting, or even just advice on what hardware or software to buy, think of the advantages of having your own “Mac Guru” a phone call away……


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