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Telephone and Remote Support for OS X Server in Somerset

We solved an OS X Server problem that no one else seemed able to – using our Mac Telephone Support and Remote Mac Support services.

A Mac using design agency in Ilminster, Somerset gave me a call yesterday about a problem they were having with their OS X Server installation, that was stopping them using Traffic, their Wordflow Management Software. They couldn’t login using their normal local user details. They’d phoned around a number of places, including Western Computer in Bristol, who’d had managed to get them as far as enabling the root user account, but didn’t progress things any further.

I quickly got a remote support session setup using iChat and surprisingly easily solved it. For whatever reason the local user’s password seemed to have got corrupted. Quickly adding a new user confirmed that the local Users database was not corrupt, so we simply backed up the user data, recreated the account, did a quick bit of magic and problem solved. All rather basic.

There was a message appearing in the system.log that seemed to suggest that the LDAP server was repeatedly crashing – (org.openldap.slapd995): Exited with exit code: 1 – but that will have to stay for another day as they weren’t using any of the authentication services that would require it, such as File Sharing.

Need help with configuring OS X Server? Then why not give us a call?

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