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Upgrading 2011 to 2015 MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, MacPro, MacMini or iMac with a larger SSDs

Solid State Hard Drives ( SSDs ) are great. They make all the difference between a computer being painfully slow or feeling snappy and responsive. However they do have one significant downside. You get a lot less storage capacity for the same money. To make matters worse Apple supplied a lot of machines with a pitifully small 128GB SSD.

What can I do when I get the “Disk is almost full” message?

Well you could enable iCloud Drive and enable Optimise Storage. That will shift a fair amount of the documents off your computer and up onto the interwebs. However for many people, fitting a larger SSD would be preferable (not just from a data privacy point of view). So is it possible without breaking the bank by paying for Apple’s somewhat usurious SSD pricing? Absolutely!

Which Mac models can I increase the SSD capacity on?

For any model of MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, MacPro, Macmini or iMac that doesn’t have a soldered on SSD, it’s perfectly possible and cost-effective to upgrade to a 2TB* or larger SSD.

Sounds interesting? Just get in touch with your serial number ( or exact model ) and we can provide pricing that includes cloning your data to the new drive, securely erasing the old SSD ready for sale/disposal, plus installing any necessary software tweaks. Depending on the current drive we might also be able to convert the SSD into a neat external drive as well.

So if you’re in Wiltshire or Somerset, frustrated with a tiny hard drive but don’t want to spend £x000s on a new Mac, give us a call on 01380 830224 and we’ll see if we can offer you a cost-effective upgrade path for your kit…

* As of September 2019. As time goes by I expect 4TB or larger drives will drop in price and become perfectly cost-effective options for home/pro users. Currently 4TB drives command a steep price premium over 2TB or smaller models.

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