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Mac news

  • October 24, 2022

    Problems with Apple Mail, Office 365/Microsoft hosted mailboxes and older Mac OS? - If you're running an older version of Mac OS (such as 10.13 or earlier) and use Apple Mail as your ... Read more

  • August 13, 2020

    Why is my iMac so slow and how can I fix it? - Over the last couple of months we've had an increasing number of people contacting us asking why their iMac is so slow. This seems to be ... Read more

  • June 1, 2020

    MacBook Pro Retina battery replacement service - The first MacBook Pro Retina was released in late 2012 and there are now large numbers of them with failing or failed batteries that n ... Read more

Web design news

  • December 17, 2019

    Minimising MYSQL disk usage - Database optimisation is hard. Whether it's tweaking a query or digging into my.cnf to change some of the global MYSQL parameters, you can actually make ... Read more

  • October 24, 2019

    Fixing errors uploading SVG Wordpress - If you're uploading .svg files to the Wordpress Media Library, you might have been unable to, seeing the error "Sorry, this file type is not pe ... Read more

  • October 24, 2019

    Why we've not been posting about Web work for such a long time - I can't believe it's been 2 years since we last posted something about web development; time really does fly when you' ... Read more