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WordPress Development

We love WordPress. We love it so much we built this site using it. In the last 3 years it has become the de-facto standard for small to medium sized Content Management Systems. Initially just a blogging system, it’s rapidly become an essential tool to allow developers to quickly and inexpensively create web sites for their customers.

Custom Theme Development

Sweet-Apple has worked with many small business owners, freelance designers and design agencies in an around Bradford on Avon, Bath and Bristol to quickly and efficiently create custom WordPress themes. Typically working from layered Photoshop files supplied to us, we quickly and efficiently build the theme and any required custom functionality. We’ll use existing plugins when it makes sense, or build custom functionality when needed.

WordPress Training

Whilst WordPress is one of the more straightforward CMS systems out there, sometimes you just need a little help in understanding how to get the most out of it. Sweet-Apple provides 1-2-1 or group training, tightly focused on core tasks such as Search Engine Optimisation, content editing, content organisation and categorisation and maintainance.

Pro-active WordPress security updates

Because it’s so popular, WordPress is also the target of a large number of hacking attempts. Sweet-Apple always encourages website owners to apply all WordPress Core Updates as soon as possible. We also strongly encourage people to update their plugins. However if you’re worried about an update breaking your site, why not get Sweet-Apple to do it for you? We take a copy of your database and site content, install it on our offline development servers and test to confirm that the updates do not break anything. If they do, we find a fix, apply it and then update the live site.

Looking for a WordPress developer to convert your ideas or designs into a website? Give us a call on 01380 830224


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