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Search Engine Optimisation

In addition to web design and development services, we also offer a realistic and reasonable Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEO) service. Simply put, we provide advice on how to get more qualified visitors to your website. By qualified, we mean people that will be interested in your products or service.

What is Search Engine Optimisation (S.E.O)?

You’ll get told a lot of rubbish about SEO. Essentially it’s about changing the content, structure and visibility to your site, in such a way that when people use search engines for services or products that your company provides, they stand a better chance of seeing your website listed. There aren’t any magic tricks, you can’t just buy a load of inbound links and get first page on Google. Google is too smart, and far too keen on you buying Adwords to let such things work. So how do we work?

  • We look at your existing web stats (hopefully Google Analytics) or set them up for you, and examine at least one month’s worth of traffic.
  • We find out the keywords that are used to find your website, look at your competitors and investigate what keyphrases they use, and we research to find other relevant keywords you may have missed.
  • We make sure that your website uses those keyphrases
  • We advise on creating new content and structuring the underlying html code to best allow search engines to find that content.
  • We look for meaningful inbound links that can built, be they from Twitter, FaceBook, link exchanges, social advertising or simple things like email signatures.
  • We make sure that any changes do not damage the reputation of your existing ranked pages. Urls have value – so don’t lose their value by carelessly changing them.
  • We submit or resubmit your site to the important search engines. There are only 4 that count, so if someone tells you they’ll submit to hundreds, be very sceptical about the value of what they are offering.
  • We monitor for changes in position off the keyphrases we have optimised, and start to tweak the content to improve results.

What is Search Engine Marketing (S.E.M)?

S.E.M has, for many people, come to mean little apart from paid search advertising, and in the UK that means one thing. Google Adwords. Adwords is easy to setup and use. But to get the most out of it, you need to put in a little bit of effort, especially if you want to find out if it’s actually providing a Return On Investment (R.O.I). How can we help?

  • We can link your Adwords campaigns to your Analytics data
  • We setup goals in your Analytics software to the measure success of individual campaigns.
  • Research keywords and keyphrases to find new traffic sources.
  • Delete under-performing terms, or optimise your existing campaigns to maximise the number of relevant terms you appear in.
  • Research competitors’ keyword strategy and advise on how to compete against it.
  • Generate additional traffic through Email Marketing, social networking or link building.
  • Monitor offline marketing such as newspaper or magazine advertising using tracked urls to make traffic from them identifiable in your analytics software

Google Analytics training, report customisation and generation

How you ever looked at through Google Analytics reports and been baffled by the sheer volume and complexity of the data? Not sure what a Visit or PageView actually is? Want to know how people find your site? Want to be able to find out how much money your last email marketing campaign or Adwords campaign is actually generating in sales? We can provide one to one training, for individuals or groups, on getting the most out of Google Analytics. We can also setup custom reports so you can easily see data that you frequently wish to query. Please call for further information.


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