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High performance web hosting

Sweet-Apple offers inexpensive high quality web hosting plans from as little as £40 per year. Our server is placed in Telstra Docklands LHC data centre and benefits from daily backups, an internal RAID-5 array, uses the MailGuard email cluster,  and is monitored by Alertra for reliability.

Why use Sweet-Apple for hosting?

Many people simply buy a domain name and use one of the numerous big hosting providers. However, this has a number of disadvantages

  • You are responsible for renewing the domain and managing the hosting.
  • Technical support in the event of an emergency is often extremely slow or non-existant and typically is email only.
  • CGI access is often limited or non-existant, PHP5 is often not available.
  • Performance may be poor as commodity servers are often packed with as many sites as possible, leading to poor performance.
  • Limited numbers of mailboxes for staff, no webmail function, limits on mailbox size, small maximum incoming or outgoing attachment size.

Sweet-Apple can provide a custom hosting plan just for you, or we have a number of basic packages available. Additional mailboxes, disk space, databases, etc. can be added to a plan as required.

Can I have a gazillion Mb of disk space?

Much as we would love to, we can’t offer disk space or bandwidth limits as generous as the big providers. Whilst I could switch my server hosting to one of the ‘unlimited’ plans that are out there, I’ve been down that path before and have suffered with poor support and unreliability, which leads to poor support for my clients.

Registrations and transfers?

We can arrange buying a domain for you should you wish. If you already have a domain, we will provide you with the details needed to point your domain at our hosting servers. Or the domain can be transferred-in from other hosting companies at £15 for domains, and £20 for .com domains. There may be an additional £20 charge if your current host charges a “release” fee. Additional services such as web design, search engine optimisation, custom Flash or PHP programming, database integration and ecommerce can be provided. We like freelancing for talented designers.

Hosting plans

Please call us for the latest prices and options for hosting your domain. We can tailor a hosting plan to suit your specific needs and budget.


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