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Freelance Web Developer

If you’re looking for a flexible, conscientious, experienced and cost effective freelance web developer based near Bath and Bristol, please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone. Web design and development has been 70%+ of Sweet-Apple’s business in some way or another for a decade, and we always look forward to working with designers, agencies and small businesses on new projects.

CMS and WordPress blog development

We’ve got plenty of experience building custom WordPress themes from scratch, or adapting existing templates to your visuals to create unique, visually attractive sites. We can also manage security updates proactively for you or your clients. If your needs are more complex, then we might recommend using Drupal. We’ve also got plenty of hours under our belt creating CMSes based on Umbraco, a rather nifty Open-Source CMS solution for Windows hosting platforms.

eCommerce – Magento & Woocommerce

Over the years we’ve built websites on a  number of eCommerce platforms, and we’re well aware of the pain and expense that adapting them can cause. We’re also aware that a large number of web development agencies want to lock you into their eCommence solution so they have you captive. These days we focus on building using:

  • Magento, an Open-Source, massively popular system that has the right blend of flexibility and features to serve the vast majority of online retailer’s needs, out of the box.
  • Woocommerce, a WordPress plugin that’s matured rapidly over the last few years to become our go-to solution for more straightforward ecommerce stores.

Custom Web Application Development – Laravel, Symfony & Zend

If you have a specific project that can’t be served by adapting an existing web application, we can deliver cost effective bespoke solutions tailored exactly to your needs. Typically these will be developed using PHP and MYSQL, as MVC applications using Laravel or Symfony. All source code will supplied, well commented, with PHPDoc blocks to aid code completion. We also support legacy applications built in earlier versions of the  Zend Framework.

How do we work together?

I prefer to work “by the hour”, but if you’d prefer I look at the job as a whole and come up with an estimate. That estimate will be conservative, so if the job gets done more quickly than I imagine, I can pass the saving onto you. I can work at your premises on a 9-5 basis, but prefer to work more flexibly if possible.

I can be as involved in the planning, requirement gathering and initial design consultation as you like, or you can just hand over layered .PSD files, a brief and I’ll crack on.

Key skills

  • Front End
    1. Source control in Git or Subversion
    2. LESS, SASS, Bootstrap, Foundation, etc.
    3. Frontend build workflows using Gulp and Bower
    4. Responsive sites for mobile, tablet, print and ultra large screen
    5. Coding to WAI Accessibility Standards
    6. Object Orientated JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, ECMA5+
    7. Single Page Applications (SPA) in Vue
  • WordPress
    1. Creating custom themes from your PSDs from scratch
    2. Custom WordPress plugin development
    3. Custom Admin functionality/screens
    4. Creating child themes from existing starter or commercial themes
    5. Custom Post Type frontend integrations
    6. 3rd party API integrations
  • Magento 1/2
    1. Creating custom themes from your PSDs using RWD/default or Luma
    2. Maintenance/updates/upgrades
    3. Custom Extension/Module development
    4. Bulk data uploading/migrations
    5. 3rd party API integrations
  • Server side
    1. Procedural and Object Orientated PHP 5/7
    2. Laravel 4/5,  Symfony, Zend Framework
    3. Relational database design, SQL on MYSQL or MSSQL
    4. Experience of using and modifying Open Source web applications and classes programmed in PHP/MYSQL such
      as CubeCart, WordPress, Woocommerce, Magento.
    5. Good working knowledge of C# / ASP.NET development in Visual Studio and IIS 6.0
    6. Consuming APIs
    7. XML, XSL, XSLT, XPATH and utilizing web services
  • APIs
    1. APIs built to your spec
    2.  Familiar with building custom integrations for Paypal, Sagepay, Google Maps, Mailchimp, Mailgun, Learnupon, Supercontrol and others.
  • Online Marketing
    1. Huge experience of creating successful, highly deliverable email marketing campaigns.
    2. Excellent knowledge of SEO and SEM techniques, advanced Google Analytics, and other web based marketing
  • Working collaboratively
    1. Excellent knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite and the design process, from print through to web.
    2. Experience of working collaboratively with design teams to specific briefs, or using existing materials
      as a starting point to create both visuals and code for efficient, attractive, clean sites that work
      across a range of browsers and devices.


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