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Web help businesses grow online- Web design and development
- Blogs, CMS, eCommerce & web application development
- Domain registration, management  and hosting
- Search Engine Optimisation
- Email marketing and landing page optimisation
- Keyword research and PPC campaign management
- Discrete and confidential freelance web development
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Web design and development

Sweet-Apple provides professional, sensibly priced web design and web development services to companies in and around Bradford on Avon, Bath, Trowbridge, Bristol, Wiltshire, Somerset or Gloucester.

Whether you want a simple landing page, a bespoke web application, a custom WordPress skin, a complex eCommerce website, Search Engine Optimisation advice or an email marketing campaign, Sweet-Apple creates engaging, fast-loading sites that turn visitors into customers.

Quality sites, sensible prices, friendly service

Every site we make, from the smallest to largest, is carefully considered to provide the maximum value for the available budget. If you need to be able to update the site yourself, we create Content Managment Systems and eCommerce applications that use WordPress, Drupal, Magento, or develop web applications using Zend Framework.

We maximise traffic to your site

All our sites are created so that they are as search-engine friendly as possible, but we can take this further by researching and developing Search Engine Optimisation strategies that drive more targeted traffic to your business.

Out-source your web design projects

I specialise in working collaboratively with print based design companies, or digital designers in Bath, Bristol, Wiltshire and Somerset, to produce high quality, accurate, compatible and highly visible web sites to budget and on time. Many designers don’t have the time, specialist knowledge or understanding of the web to offer a full range of web design services to their customers. That means they are losing jobs and money to companies that can. Use Sweet Apple’s freelance web development services to out-source all your web design and development projects. I am well used to working side by side with designers to produce sites that actually work to drive traffic and sales for customers.

So if you need an experienced freelance developer to act as your tame code-monkey, please get in touch

A complete solution

If you actually want some care taken over designing your web site, call me. Everything from registering your domain name, to helping you configure your email systems, site design, registering with the search engines and even eCommerce can be quickly and
cost-effectively achieved.

  • Web sites starting from £200 for a domain and simple site
  • Web Hosting high-performance Unix servers, full web stats, flexible email or web space plans.
  • Standards compliant, search engine friendlyUsing XHTML and CSS we produce web sites that confirm to existing standards for accessibility. This also means the design of the site is separated from the content, so that future design modifications can be made more quickly and less expensively.
  • eCommerce from simple shopping baskets to complex database driven sites using SSL Certificates and content management to run your own store online. We use Magento, Woocommerce or Shopify for all our ecommerce development.
  • Content Management Systems enable the customer to update their site themselves, using just a web browser and minimal knowledge. Initial costs are higher, but if frequent updating is required the ability to do it yourself will rapidly save you money. We either create custom solutions using Laravel, Zend Framework, or customise and skin WordPress, Drupal or Expression Engine.
  • Flash and Actionscript Development for the web, e-cards, CD-ROM business cards, etc. Custom Actionscript programming and linking to database back-ends enable you to have the visual control that Flash provides without the headache of the awkward updating.
  • PHP, MYSQL, MVC lots of buzzwords, but essentially it usually means adding or manipulating databases to change your web site content. We are fluent in hand-coding PHP, and produce clearly commented, well structured modular code, using custom functions and classses when required, or using open-source code when appropriate.
  • Traffic analysis interpretation of the web stats and how they can help plan your marketing. In depth knowledge of Google Analytics will enable you to maxmise your Google Adwords and affiliate links.
  • Search engine optimzation and Search Engine Marketing improve your web marketing by registering with the useful search engines, using online advertising to generate additional traffic, analysing inbound traffic sources, discovering new traffic rich keyphrases, or simply modifying the content of the site to maximise your position with the search engines.

I try to let my customers have the maximum flexibility with their site. If they need more web space or additional email addresses its not a problem. All sites have full graphical web stats, raw log files and Google Analytics installed by default so you can monitor how much traffic your site generates.


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