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Mac Technical Support

We’ve been providing technical support for Apple users in and around Bath and Bristol for years now, and we know that what people need is calm, efficient, knowledgeable and unbiased advice. We also know that when your Mac fails to boot and you’ve got deadlines looming it can feel like the end of the world. But don’t worry, it very rarely is. Sweet-Apple provides 3 types of Mac technical support.

  • On-site Mac Support – We come to you and quickly and efficiently solve your Apple support problems, be it an iPhone being awkward or an OS X Server needing some additional configuration.
  • Remote Support – with your explicit permission, we remote control your computer via Teamvewier, Messages, Skype, iChat, Apple Remote Desktop, VNC server or MSN Messenger (that’s right, we also support Windows when the need is great).
  • Mac Telephone Support – We’re more than used to hand-holding people over the phone, although these days we normally also try to get a Remote-Support session going, as it minimises the chances of misinterpretation.

Do you provide contract support?

Short answer, no. Why? Because in my experience contract support doesn’t help the client or the support provider. Either the client pays for a service they never use, or if the contract is on a fixed price the support provider doesn’t like the profitability equation if it’s ‘over-used’. Most of our clients are individuals or small creative businesses in and around Wiltshire and Somerset and we’ve found 95% of them are better off with ad-hoc Mac support.

You really don’t do contracts?

Well if you’re absolutely sure you would rather have contract Mac support, then give us a call and we’ll talk it through. We’re sure we can sort something out.


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