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Apple On-site Technical Support

On-Site support

Your time is usually money, and your computer is often how you make or hope to make money. When you buy new hardware you need it running quickly. When you swap computers, you want all your data, applications and preferences moved over and working as quickly as possible.

You need your drivers and applications updated so they don’t conflict with the newer Operating System on your new machine.

Resolve Mac reliability problems

An unstable, apparently randomly crashing computer may be an irritation at first, but if it corrupts a file, or even worse a disk, you could lose 10s, 100s, even 1000s of man-hours of work. Minimise the risk by getting your machines set up quickly, inexpensively and correctly from the outset by Sweet Apple.

Rapid onsite Mac support

When things go really badly wrong and entire disks go missing, the compute flashes the “blinking ?” or you get a cryptic error message get things fixed fast. Unlike many Mac retailers, Sweet Apple typically can offer under 8 hrs response times, even if that means working weekends or evenings. If things are less urgent, we work to your schedule.

You tell us how urgent it is, we bust a gut to fix it for you. If you have an urgent Mac Support question, get in touch now.

Sensible charges

Unlike some Apple “specialists” I don’t charge £65 an hour, or have minimum call outs. During normal working hours I charge £45 for the first hour, including travel of up to 10 miles to your premises. All subsequent hours are charges at £35/hr. When clients are further than 10 miles, travel is charged at £30/hr. During anti-social hours, which are after 5pm and weekends, the first hour is £65, and subsequent hours are £40.

Quality service

So how can I charge significantly less than other Apple providers? I don’t maintain a shop, so I can keep my costs down and pass the benefits to you. Does this mean I’ll be any less professional? Certainly not! I spend my time solving my customers problems almost exclusively. My customers stay with me because I solve their problems quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively.

One Response to Apple On-site Technical Support

  1. Louise Grunberger

    I can vouch for the quality of Sweet Apple service, both at home or over the telephone. It’s really brilliant and I’d have given up using my computer if I hadn’t had it over the last 5 years or so. S.A has even managed to calm my hysteria when things went wrong.

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