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POP, Office 365 & GSuite Email Hosting and Migration

Sweet-Apple can provide a number of options for your email hosting, from small and inexpensive POP mailboxes (which we host ourselves) through to an Office 365 and Google Apps/ GSuite email migration service. Please call us for advice on what’s most suitable for your needs.

Should you choose POP, IMAP or Office 365?

Fundamentally your decision as to what type of mailbox will suit you best comes down to a few short questions…

When to choose a POP mailbox

Do you need to be able to access all your emails, both Sent and Received, from multiple devices? If the answer is no, then POP will be cheap, simple and reliable.

When to choose Google Apps / GSuite

If you don’t use Microsoft Outlook or Entourage for email, Google Apps/GSuite is a touch cheaper than Office 365. The slightly non-standard way that Google’s IMAP implementation has been set up can cause issues, and the limit on the number of incoming connections can cause issues if you have multiple people checking the same inbox.

When to choose Office 365

If you already use Microsoft Outlook or Entourage, then Office 365 makes sense. If you use Apple Calendar and need to delegate your calendar to another person you’ll probably want to avoid it. Essentially Office 365 works really well with modern Outlook clients, but can be irritatingly glitchy with Apple Mail, earlier Entourages, Thunderbird, etc.

Email Migration Service

We don’t “resell” Outlook 365 or Google Apps, we simply help you migrate from your existing email provider. We’ll do all the leg work – setup all the accounts, aliases, groups, import existing IMAP or Exchange email accounts, do the DNS changes and generally do the hand-holding. Unfortunately we can’t do much about importing your local POP emails across, that has to be a somewhat tedious drag and drop task you do.

Email migrations, when planned and tested, should have virtually zero down-time. It’s not rocket science and if you have the time and patience there’s nothing to stop you doing it yourself. However they can be somewhat stressful if you haven’t done it before, so if you’d like to offload that stress onto someone else, please pick up the phone and give us a call on 01380 830224.


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