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Avoiding comment spam in WordPress

By default, WordPress is set to approve comments automatically from people who have previously had a comment approved. Ever wondered why seemingly random people leave comments on your blog saying things like “Hi, I found your blog really interesting”? There are two possibilities.

  1. They are nice people, but don’t have much to say
  2. They are trying to post spam comments on your site

Someone sends you a nice comment; you feel all warm and fuzzy so you approve it – suddenly you get an avalanche of porn comments posted before you can blink.

To avoid this, make sure at the very least you have WordPress configured to email you whenever anyone posts a comment, or better still configure it so an Administrator has to approve every comment.

Comments can be a powerful method of generating content for your site, but can also leave your website damaging your brand – use them with care and respect. If you’re in Bath, Bristol, Wiltshire or Somerset and need advice on WordPress security, please give us a call .

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