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Ultra cheap refurbished Sandybridge MacBook Pro i7 2011

UPDATE: If you look on Amazon for Macbook Pros you can often find brand new ones for prices very close to what Apple are selling Refurbs at…

Apple have just started to sell “Sandy Bridge” Refurbished MacBook Pros on the Refurb Store. I’ve been waiting for this ever since the new 2011 MacBook Pros were announced, as they offer a massive speed boost compared to my current Core2MacBook Pro, so I’ve bitten the bullet and bought one. You can currently save around 15% off the standard retail price of a new 2011 MacBook Pro, plus still have the full Apple warranty.

  1. Refurbished MacBook Pro 2.3GHz dual-core Intel i5 – £849 inc VAT and Delivery
  2. Refurbished MacBook Pro 2.7GHz dual-core Intel i7 – £1099 inc VAT and Delivery
  3. Refurbished MacBook Pro 2.0GHz quad-core Intel i7 – £1319 inc VAT and Delivery
  4. Refurbished MacBook Pro 2.2GHz quad-core Intel i7 – £1569 inc VAT and Delivery
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