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Deleting apps you’ve installed via the App Store in OS X

So those of you running OS X 10.6 have almost certainly looked at the App Store, probably downloaded a few things, some of which you’ll have decided are rubbish and want to delete. So I expect you’ll have looked for a way of uninstalling or deleting them from the App Store application. And you’ll have found nothing… So how do you delete an application after installing through the App Store?

It’s simple. Delete the icon from the Dock just by dragging it off the Dock. It will disappear in a puff of smoke. All done? No. Now you have to open the Hard drive/Applications folder, find the app and drag it to the Trash.

I have absolutely no idea why Apple haven’t added a delete function to the App Store. So for now, you’ll just have to hunt around a little bit, just as you would when deleting an application you’ve installed the “traditional” way…

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One Response to Deleting apps you’ve installed via the App Store in OS X

  1. Nicholas Morss

    tell me about it, this sucks! i doubt on iOS this kind of house keeping is required?