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Do Macs need anti-virus software? Yes, they really do…

Recently I was providing some On-site Mac support for a new client in Westbury. One of the first things I do with new clients is get a feel for how aware they are of security issues, and whether they use their computer for any personal or business finance. Most do. And pretty much without exception they don’t use any sort of anti-virus, or they’ve been duped into installing MacKeeper.

Whilst the number of threats specifically targeting Macs and OS X is ( at present ) massively smaller than on Windows, most people running Windows have up-to-date Anti-virus and/or Anti-Malware software installed, whereas most Macs don’t. So if you so happen to download or get sent some malicious code, if you’re using a Mac you’re disproportionately likely for the payload to get installed.

There’s also another factor to consider. In the event that you do suffer some financial loss, your bank may say you didn’t take sensible steps to protect yourself and be less likely to refund your losses.

I first encountered Mac viruses in the late 1990s with Autostart. Things went quiet for a while until DNS Changer popped up in mid 2011. Since finding DNS Changer on a number of Macs I’ve been asked to look at,  I’ve made it a matter of course to make sure my clients understand the potential security risks they face. It’s not being alarmist, it’s just being sensibly cautious.

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