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Fancy a drop of brandy?

Just had a fascinating morning getting a crash course in brandies. A local business in Bradford on Avon, Brandyclassics, have asked me to look at ways of improving the search engine performance of their current e-Commerce website. They sell vintage single producer brandies. Up until now, I had no idea of the difference between Cognac, Armagnac, Eaux de Vie or Calvados and what VSOP or XO meant. I thought they were basically brands. Not so…

I was completely amazed find that you could still buy, and drink, cognacs that were bottled in the early 19th Century. Unfortunately I haven’t got a few thousands of pounds knocking around like famous brandy aficionados Tom Jones or Snoop Dogg; so if I want to buy Pre-phylloxera cognacs, I shall just have to save the pennies until I can afford a bottle! Or maybe just a glass if I can find the right hotel…

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