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How to avoid ruining your MacBook, iPhone, iPod or iPad batteries

I frequently get asked “how long can expect my MacBook/iPhone/iPod battery will last for before I need to buy a new one?” And I helpfully reply depends on how you care for it.

Lithium batteries are used in almost all modern electronics and there are some general rules to follow. Apple has a few pages dedicated to this subject on their website.

  1. Never leave it fully discharged for more than a couple of days.
  2. Always allow it to fully discharge about one a month.
  3. Li batteries have a finite number of charge discharge cycles. The more time you spend on the battery, the more quickly it will deteriorate. Ideally use it plugged in most of the day, then give it 30 mins on battery at some point.
  4. Don’t leave it in really hot places
  5. Don’t leave it in a draw for months and expect it to magically work as soon as you plug it in. You might have knackered it via point 1.
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