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iPhone 4 – Poor signal strength?

Holding the bottom corner of the iPhone 4 can cause signal problemsIf you are one of the early adopters who has bought the iPhone 4, you may be a little disappointed by the mobile signal strength you get. This has been an on-going complaint of iPhone users since the very first models with various complicated technical reasons; however for iPhone 4 owners, the solution may be a little more prosaic.

The antennae in the iPhone is integrated into the steel band that wraps around it. When you touch it with bare skin, especially in the bottom right hand corner, the signal strength drops dramatically. If you are ‘sinister’ like me, you’re more likely to hold the phone so that you touch this area. So bar chopping your fingers off or rapidly becoming ambidextrous, what’s the solution? Easy get one of the iPod bumpers

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2 Responses to iPhone 4 – Poor signal strength?

  1. Louise Grunberger

    Would any of your tips above apply to and help my iPhone 3G? Also, do you know if one can upgrade iPhones?

  2. Unfortunately the issue with poor signal strength specifically relates to the iPhone 4. If you have poor reception on your earlier model iPhone it’s simply because you have poor mobile coverage from your service provide (O2, T-Mobile, Orange, 3, etc). If you are on a PAYG contract, you can simple put a new SIM into the phone and choose a mobile company with better coverage where you live.

    You can contact the supplier of your iPhone and ask about upgrades to the later model. If you are on a Pay-monthly contract you’ll usually get a discount on the upgrade…