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iPhone repairs in Bath and Bristol

Over the last couple of months we’ve been having an increasing number of people contacting us about repairing their damaged iPhone. The most common problem is unsurprisingly a shattered screen. Unfortunately this is one of the most time consuming repairs to complete, as it involves completely dismantling the front panel, plus using a heat-gun to soften the adhesive that bonds the glass digitiser to the front panel frame.

It’s easier to repair a broken glass screen if the damage is up near the top of the phone, around the speaker. If it’s shattered around the bottom button, life gets somewhat more problematic. Why? Because to remove the front panel you need to use a strong suction cup to pull the front panel off. To do this you have to pull at the bottom edge of the screen and rotate the front panel around the top edge. When the glass is shattered you can’t get a good seal to form a powerful vacuum.

However, judicious application of “gaffer tape” over the shattered screen can give you a smooth enough surface to get a decent amount of suction to pull the damage screen out.

In Bath, Bristol, Wiltshire or Somerset? Got an iPhone with a broken screen or display that isn’t working? We can quickly and cost-effectively repair your iPhone. Why not give us a call on 01380 830224 to get a quotation.

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