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MacBook Air and MacBook Pro keyboard repair

One of the more common problems we encounter is Macbook Airs and Macbook Pros with faulty keyboards, and almost without exception it’s because of liquid getting spilled on the keyboard. This typically means replacing the entire top case assembly, which can be very costly…

What should you do if you spill liquid on your Macbook?

Accidents happen, so as soon as you get any liquid on the keyboard or trackpad, immediately pull out the charger, shut the computer down and flip the computer over so the keyboard is facing downwards. This might stop liquid getting deeper into the computer and destroying the logic board or worse your hard drive.

Run to get some paper towels and then try to soak up the worst of the liquid. Pay particular attention to around the screen hinges and the trackpad. Whilst you’re doing this try to keep the computer upside down. Once the worst of the liquid has been absorbed, turn it upside down with the keyboard facing down and place paper towels between a flat surface and keyboard. Leave it like that for 30mins or so. Replace the paper towels if necessary. Finally whack it in a airing cupboard for a couple of days with the display open to try to evaporate any further moisture. Ideally you’d take the bottom case off and gently heat it from underneath.

If it starts up normally, carefully try all of keys and the trackpad. If every key works, immediately take a Time Machine backup. If the machine doesn’t start up, or some of the keys are faulty, things are unfortunately going to get costly.

How much does it cost to replace a damaged MacBook keyboard?

Any Macbook with an aluminium body and black keys are complete nightmare to replace just the keyboard mechanism. The keyboard  is riveted into the top case with dozens of tiny rivets. Some of the Macbook Pros even have the battery glued into place, making things worse. So the only practical thing to do is replace the topcase assembly as a whole. But this as a new part costs at minimum £250+VAT. However buying a refurbished or recycled part can be hugely cheaper, so even with labour costs it can still be an economic repair to make.

I’ve found that you might also need to budget for a replacement microphone when replacing the top case. They are very delicate and glued to the top case with very strong adhesive. Even when gently heating them to soften the glue before removal, sometimes the microphone quality leaves something to desire when refitted.

Where can I get my Macbook repaired?

Have a damaged Macbook, Macbook Air or Macbook Pro that needs repairing? Want an honest opinion on whether it’s actually economic to repair your Macbook, or if you’d be better off taking a punt on a comparable 2nd hand machine and flogging your dead one for parts? Give us a call on 01380 830224 to talk through your options.

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