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New WordPress website build completed for Bath Direct Marketing Consultant

We’ve just wrapped up work on another WordPress website! We were hired by a web design agency, based in based in Bradford on Avon, to develop the website for a Direct Marketing Consultant who’s based in Bath. They gave us PSDs and we rapidly prototyped the site and placed it onto our development servers, so the customer had their leisure to create the necessary content away from Google’s prying eyes.

Once all the inevitable minor glitches had been ironed out and the necessary content had been generated, we backed up the WordPress database and FTP content, switched it over to the live server, and hey presto, the site was up and running with less than 5 minutes downtime.

Unfortunately, whilst we’d love to provide more information about the site and the project, it’s being done on the hush-hush, so I can’t say any more…

Looking for a talented web developer to help turn your ideas into reality? We’d be more than happy to help! Please call us on 01380 830224 for friendly, professional and sensibly priced web development expertise.

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