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Ultra cheap refurbished Apple iMacs, MacBooks and MacBook Pros

UPDATE: If you look on Amazon and hunt around a little you can find good deals on Macbook Pro, MacBook Air, MacBooks or iMacs you can often find brand new ones for prices very close to what Apple are selling Refurbs at…

It’s been a couple of weeks since there have been really nice deals on Apple Refurbs, but there are some real corkers today. The 27″ iMac refurbs are particularly attractive in my opinion, as they are quite rare to find, and the i7 powered iMac has a really noticeably performance jump over the cheaper 21.5″ models.

  1. Apple iMac 27″ 2.8Ghz Core i7, 4Gb, 1TB, refurb – £1399 inc VAT and delivery.
  2. Apple iMac 27″ 2.66Ghz Core i5, 4Gb, 1TB, refurb – £1269 inc VAT and delivery.
  3. Apple iMac 21.5″ 3.06Ghz, 4GB, 500GB refurb – £749 inc VAT and postage. Very nice!! –
  4. Apple MacBook 2.4GHz, 2GB, 250GB refurb – £719 inc VAT and delivery.
  5. Apple MacBook Pro 13″ 2.4Ghz, 4GB, 250GB refurb – £849 inc VAT and delivery
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