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Don’t trust your hard drive – it will fail

If there’s one constant in life, it’s that shit happens – usually at the most in inopportune moment possible. And the greatest disaster that can happen to a computer user is a complete hard drive failure. I spent a couple of hours of preventative medicine  yesterday replacing the hard drive in my MacBook Pro, after seeing a Powerbook 12″ and iMac 20″ both with failed drives.

You bought an Apple Mac and paid a premium for it  – but this doesn’t mean the quality of the components used to build it are superior to those used to make a Dell, HP or IBM computer. This is particularly true of hard drives. They are commodity items, built to a price, because the consumer (you) thinks bigger and cheaper is better.

Apple tries to make sure that the parts are not stressed unduly by attaching temperature sensors to everything, then carefully tweak the fan speeds to keep the computer sufficiently cool without sounding like a hair-drier.

But regardless of this, shit happens. If you’re in Bath, Bristol, Wiltshire or Somerset and have a hard drive failure on your Mac, please give us a call – we can quickly and cheaply replace it, and restore your data…

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