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We make great websites

Whether you want a simple landing page, a bespoke web application or a complex eCommerce website, Sweet-Apple can help. We create visually attractive, fast-loading, search engine friendly sites that add real value to your business.

Quality sites, sensible prices, friendly service

Every site we make, from the smallest to largest, is carefully considered to provide the maximum value for the available budget. If you need to be able to update the site yourself, we create Content Managment Systems and eCommerce sites that useĀ WordPress, Drupal, Magento, or develop or maintain web applications using Laravel, Symfony and Zend Framework 1.

We maximise traffic to your site

All our sites are created so that they are as search-engine friendly as possible, but we can take this further by researching and developing Search Engine Optimisation strategies that drive targeted traffic to your business.

We partner with designers and agencies

If you’re a designer or agency we can help you strengthen your on-line offering. We have years of experience of working with agencies to take their ideas and convert them quickly and efficiently into websites, emails and marketing campaigns that will delight your clients.

So if you need an experienced freelance developer to act as your tame code-monkey, please get in touch

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