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Micro CMSes like PageLime, CushyCMS and Perch are nice, but limited…

I’ve just finished a rapid Freelance web development job for an old client, a design agency in Wiltshire. The requirement was pretty straightforward, convert their Indesign layouts into templates that would work with their micro-CMS of choice, PageLime.

From a development point of view, it was a nice job to work on. I had free reign to code the HTML from scratch without having to think about making it fit in with the CMS engine at all. So nice shiny HTML5 markup was the order of the day, and I just had to add a few classses to tags to make them editable.

These sort of “CMS-light” solutions seem to be becoming increasingly popular for small projects, as they allow the client to easily edit copy and images in specific places. What they aren’t particularly great at is allowing them to add new pages, edit meta tags, link structures and the like for SEO purposes. However for non-technical or less demanding clients, “micro CMSes” seem to hit the sweet-spot of low pricing, design flexibility and end user simplicity. Because of this I expect to be developing quite a few more web sites on a freelance basis for my design agency clients in Bath and Bristol using these sort of systems.

Looking for some help converting your designs into user friendly, cleanly coded and inexpensive web sites? You need to call your friendly neighbourhood Sweet-Apple and get some freelance web development mojo working for you. Please give us a ring on 01225 390162 – we’d love to help…

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