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OS X Security vulnerabilities in Adobe Acrobat and Flash

New vulnerabilities that leave your Mac open to potentially getting infected with “malware’ have been patched by Adobe.

If you follow the Mac or PC security landscape, you’ll know that a very large number of exploits are targetted againt 2 products. Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Flash Player. Why? Simply put, because they have plugins for your web browser, and hence you can have a 95+% certainty that any hack aimed at them will be able to execute. You visit a web page that has an “infected” PDF or .swf file, when this file opens it tries to “infect” your Mac or PC by exploiting programming mistakes that Adobe or Apple have made.

Adobe keep releasing updates to both Acrobat, Acrobat Reader and Flash Player. You would be wise to constantly update all 3 pieces of software to unsure that your computer is at less risk of getting infected with “malware”, regardless of whether you use a Mac or PC.

Update Flash Player:

Update Acrobat Reader:

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