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Professional photography? It’s not about the camera…

Taken with an iPhone 3G, some talent and decent lights...A number of  my Mac support customers in and around Bath are professional photographers – and boy have pro photographers been having a hard time recently! The advent of cheap Digital SLRs has lead to an explosion in the number of images being taken by amateurs and ‘pro-sumers’. Just as Apple and Adobe radically disrupted the printing industry in the late 90s, the digital camera has ripped great swathes through the professional photographic scene in the early 21st Century.

I remember having many conversions over the years with photographers who were spending all their time learning the digital tools of the trade ( in effect becoming computer experts) rather than working out how to market and differentiate themselves. I always said, partly from selfish reasons admittedly, spend your time making better images and getting better clients, not fixing computer glitches.

What makes the difference between a pro and an amateur is not the camera. It’s the brain that composes the shot, builds the set, and get the lighting right.

Don’t believe me? See what you can do with an iPhone, a model and some decent lights. Amazing! And kudos to fstoppers for great marketing…

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